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Orlando (1992) Screenplay by Sally Potter

Orlando is a British film based on the novel by Virginia Woolf. The film follows the life of Orlando, a young 16th century nobleman who garners favor with Queen Elizabeth I. The young man endears himself so much to the Queen that she commands him "Do not fade. Do not wither. Do not grow old." As such, Orlando does not age, and continues to live in youthfulness through the centuries. During the 18th century, he wakes up from an extended sleep transformed into a woman. His spirit and personality remain but his body is now feminine. The objective of this project was to develop costumes which were historically accurate for each time period of the script.



Conceptual designs for Dragonslayer . Screenplay by Hal Barwood and Matthew Robbins

Dragonslayer is a fantasy film about a young sorcerer, Galen, and young woman, Valerian. In the course of the film, Valerian helps Galen slay a dragon who has been terrorizing a local village. To appease the dragon, the village has been sacrificing young maidens to the creature. Valerian has been disguised as a boy by her father, in an attempt to save her from the same fate.


A single man

Conceptual designs for A Single Man (2009) Screenplay by Tom Ford

Set in the 1960’s, A Single Man details a day in the life of a British professor who can no longer cope with the death of his male partner. The design objective was to create accurate historical costumes while emphasizing the individuality of the characters.


flash gordon

Conceptual Designs for Flash Gordon (1980) Screenpay by Lorenzo Semple Jr.

Flash Gordon is based on the original 1930’s comic strip of the same name. This project involved research and design for two characters, Vultan and Dale. My objective was to incorporate more period style designs for Dale and create a more natural look for Vultan.

Extensive research for Vultan included reviewing the original comic strip character, serial movie stills, and modern graphic novels. To develop a more man/hawk hybrid look, I also researched avian anatomy and artists’ concepts. I determined that feathered, mechanical wings, along with special effects make-up, would produce a more organic look for Vultan.



Conceptual designs for the movie Carrie (1976), based upon the Stephen King novel.